Why Us?

We believe in being true to ourselves and to Alaska. That’s why INTEGRITY is at the forefront of everything we do at Alaska Natural Organics. Integrity- in our people, our process, and ultimately in our produce.

We started Alaska Natural Organics because we care about what we put in our bodies. We whole-heartedly believe that all of us have the right to know what’s in our food and that it’s morally wrong to mislead you about what you feed your family.

We believe in personal freedoms and our state’s dependence on outside support is a real concern to us. We believe Alaskan’s should have a consistent, locally-grown source for fresh, nutritious, and organic produce that is free of pesticides and genetic modifications.

These core beliefs are the foundation of Alaska Natural Organics and if you are someone who feels the same way we do, then we encourage you to make the choice to support ANO and join the food revolution!

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